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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we can very easily set our voice lock on our mobile phone

Friends, you may have seen in many kinds of movies, now if we put a small code, then if we say that code with our voice, the lock will open, similarly we have these in our laptops, otherwise, if we say something with our voice on our mobile phone, the lock will open. We can set it, other people have mimicked our voice or we have put any words we have said with their voice, but you don’t get it at all. This application is in many ways, that is, you can put a lock in a secure way and set it to lock with your voice. It is very easy. No matter how many people you are in the middle of, it is enough to say the code that you have given once, if you put it and lock it, it will be opened. Similarly, if you take your mobile phone to someone and they want to see it, your phone is not for them to pick the lock. The full details of this are below we are going to tell you this application is very secure our mobile phone lock is very fast and it will open.

Download Now :-

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Friends, after clicking on the above download button, it takes 15 seconds to reload, from there you will go to another page and from there the application will be installed.

How To Use ;-

If it is a friends application, after downloading it, open it, after doing it, it will ask you for some permissions. After giving them, it is very easy for you to set the application lock. After clicking on it, if you lock it with your voice, you need to set a request, that is, lock the screen or say your name. So, if you want something you like, you have to put it there and sound it with your voice, that is, as soon as you put it, even after you dance, the lock will be locked for you from the moment you put it on. If you want to open the lock, open the lock. will be In the same way, when you give your mobile to your friends, if you want to open the lock when they are near you, even if you tell them a distance of one meter, the lock will open.

Conclusion :-

Friends, it’s just as easy as I told you, if you download this application and set a lock message with your voice, your mobile will be very safe. Even if the lock does not come with a voice, you can also try it with whatever you put on it. So these applications are very safe but don’t say too fast on the lock, the lock will happen, friends, follow us immediately for more interesting topics like this.

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