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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is very easy we can check our bowling speed through our mobile in many ways we can also check our cricket bowling speed through our mobile

Friends, you can play cricket in many different ways, now a days most people’s favorite game is cricket, but like this, through a cricket game, we can follow all kinds of tips. Many people do many things through mobile phone but some people know how much is the bowling speed if they do their bowling. But it has become amazingly available that if we want any small simple dips and it is very easy to find it on the network, we can easily find out what kind of fees we want with a mobile phone. An amazing trick has come. Many people play cricket. How do they do their bowling in youth cricket? If you do this, you can know how fast the bowling goes as soon as you throw the bowling ball. It is an excellent application. We can easily know how fast our bowling goes and through this application there are many types of tips and let’s see the full details of what they are.

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Friends, by clicking on the download button above, if you have another name for this application, it will take 15 seconds to connect, if you reload, then the application will be downloaded from there.

How To Use :-

Friends, first you have to open the application, after doing this, it will ask you for some permissions very easily. By giving your permissions, we will be able to open the application in many ways. After recording the video clip, you can easily know how far the bowling has gone, that is, the speed of the bowling. Most of the people are preparing for the finals, how do they prepare to play in the Indian team, how do they prepare to play in the national team, this application is very useful for such people, because they can easily know how fast and how well they should be bowling, so we have a lot of education. Store your bowling speed with for analysis means that yesterday we at that speed one day and the next day we turned on some more speed and that speed calculation so that you know it but in this analysis is coming. Bowling Cricket Fats has been given some very easy features. That is, like we have cricket, some of it is given, and if you say it is easy TVs, then it is called release point, and if you say it is bowls, then if you have one meter second ten, then if you do it on the left side, it will do that, and in this case, you will bowl very easily. Some games have also been given, through which you can know how fast you can do if you eat, and this has given tips to target, but some features have been given. So the bowling speed goes through, but we have the point reach, and for you, the bowling distance is also given here. That is, whatever we do bowling, that means building, we have to tell someone to take a video. When we upload the video, how much we have given to the children, similarly, there is an option called quick tap. There is speed and how much speed has decreased so you can know and below there is an option that says how to use How to even option is also there which is very useful.

Conclusion :-

Friends have already seen how easy it is that you can also download the application through your mobile phone. And if many people are trying to play different types of cricket, then this is a wonderful trip for them. It is very easy but wonderful for them. It is also very useful. For such interesting things, if you follow our website, they are more than an article for your friends. Even if you are a cricket,it will take a spend check.

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