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hello hi friends how are you Friends any article is about an amazing application to play cricket easily through our mobile phone an application we get play store and so safe let’s see the full details of this application.

Friends, if you are out there in many ways, if you are playing cricket, you talk about different things, but now all the boys like our youth, what is a wonderful game, that is, in the game of cricket, many people enjoy it in many ways, but in this game, we play with bets, once we get money, a It is enough and we are playing some games in such a way that it is enjoyable and once we noticed that it is raining, we cannot stop the game at such a time, but we can play cricket very easily through the application that I mentioned through our mobile phone. If we do, we can play live but we can’t play wedding cricket. More over, we can’t even go to the stadium to play anywhere. But in the stadium, Dhoni and Virat Kohli all play so easily. You can play easily and amazingly it is also real stick and it is very easy for you to play games through an application and through this cricket application we have the whole stadium realistic. Similarly, the music is played first

Download Now :-

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Friends you are connected to another page by clicking on the download button above. From there you will reload for 15 seconds and from there the application will be downloaded and what to do after the application is downloaded I am going to explain you fully below the steps and this application is very safe for us.

How To Use :-

After opening the friends application, it is very easy, but you will see some features, that is, it will ask for some permission, after asking, you will have to login with your gmail id. A team will appear which means whatever you log in with the login a team will appear there which means that it is your tee by which you can go to India and Australia in the same way you will have a cricket match of this between countries you will have a tournament and many different options in it. If you select the tournaments then we have many record tournaments like IPL tournamentsif you select the tournament then you can play cricket easily through those tournaments then you will have an option with match then after clicking on that you will go to the match. Which matches you can see the start of the game, you can select it and play it easily. Similarly, you will get a very easy welcome message and the stadium will open. If it is the stadium of the game you want to play, you will see a clear welcome message at the entrance. It’s very easy to come and then you’ll see everything that’s going on in that stadium, and in this game you’ll also have an audience, that is, in a live stadium, whoever’s around the audience will be anchoring, so many people will be ready to anchor. That is to say to play, mostly some people are on one side of the team and some others are on the side of the other team and they are shouting and cheering. If they hold the country’s flag, they will play a song called Janganamana or else they will play another country’s song, but there will also be a toss. Who should bowl by data seeding? Who should bat is completely given, similarly the game will start from where the ball should go, that is, if we are bowling, then the ball that comes is where it should land and we are in control. That means there are many people who are there telling us how much this team will go. In this way, he who is at our back side is telling us the score every moment.

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends, you are busy at home, you can also download the cricket application of what I said through your mobile phone and very easily you can play live cricket, that means you can’t go directly to play in the stadium, but if you ask if you are live cricket through this application, that too with Dhoni. And you can play another easy application with Virat Kohli. You have live stadium also available and you have audience around there. Similarly you can play cricket in it very easily and tournaments in it you can also play cricket with your friends and website for interesting gifts if your friends are also cricket. Those who like it play a lot of cricket

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