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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is going to tell you an awesome keyboard app that will provide you with many types of emoji fans all these amazing keyboard application.

Friends usually think that the keyboard should be amazing when most of them are chatting or typing something, but some people think that the emoji that comes in it is fast when typing as it is created in the shortcut and they have short cut keys while typing something. But some people think that it would be nice to have a wonderful keyboard to set, but some people think that their photos should be changed in the background of your keyboard and the animations for selecting their photos in the background and live keyboard animation should be set. I have brought an amazing keyboard application and an application is very easy for us play store but amazing but available if available I am also going down the script of this application very easy for you. The application can be downloaded

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends, by clicking on the download button above, if you have another name for this application, it will take 15 seconds to connect, if you reload, then the application will be downloaded from there.

How To Use :-

Friends, first open the application, it will ask you for some permission. By giving those permissions, it is easy to do whatever keyboard you want to connect. The permissions of this are useful. After you give the permissions, you will have a keyboard option and a theme selection. There are many different options available. You can also easily create your profile here. After doing this, you will be asked for the language here, which means you can set the language you are selecting and in which language you want to select on the keyboard, that is, if you want to send a message to someone in English, even if you do not know English, you can set it here so that if you type in Telugu, it will automatically transfer to English. And it will also ask what is your language, set it and here it will ask you to select that means you want to select what you have taken on the keyboard, select the team, after it is set, you can do it easily, through the set, you will see that theme is amazing, in this we have many types Themes are provided. Amazing keyboard themes are amazing and we can set them easily. And we also have an auto correct option that means if we make a spelling mistake while typing a sentence, we can make a spelling mistake. We don’t have to type the spelling mistake on the keyboard and correct it very easily, as soon as we select it on the keyboard, the auto correct is done and what should be the height of the text we put, what should be the length of it, we set all this here. Some people may think that the keyboard vibrates while typing and this is how a vibrating sound is heard. The feature is given here. When you press it, it can be set so that a vibration sound is heard and an option is given. Work option has been given which means that we can select on one letter and then chat another letter in which we have also been given an option of top kiss which can be set. Google is searching for something in our Google, when you type something, it comes as a gallery, google gmail, google pay, google option, that is, why can we create a short cut, in this, if we type G, we will get all the contacts in the phone book. It also happens that we can set it in such a way that we are under the team. What status can pain star story

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends, you are also busy at home, what I said on your mobile phone, download this application, select what you like on the keyboard and select the many other features in it, you can easily apply and share for similar interest, if you are our website for similar interest. They will also get it

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