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Hello my friends how are you friends who are our article we are going to tell you that it is an amazing application to listen songs through our mobile phone very easily.

Friends usually listen to many different kinds of songs, but now everyone listens to songs sometimes when they are in a bad mood or when they are stressed or when their pains are in their head. They listen to songs while riding a bike, but most of our youth listen to songs while they are drying on a bike, or while walking somewhere, or while on a flight. That is if you usually listen to songs on spotify or some other application. Otherwise, there are similar music applications. If the application is slow, you will listen to the songs, but you will not get the advertisement. In the middle, the ads will ask for premium. If you find the songs interesting, then the ads will come. If you want to listen to the songs through YouTube, the mobile letter of this will only end if it is very fast. Many people are disappointed because they are listening to songs, why do we spend so much money on the internet, but today I have brought an amazing application for those who think that, through this application, many people can listen to music very easily without any investment or for free with 0% subscription. You can also lock your mobile screen for as long as you want.

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends, after clicking on the above download, you will be taken to another face, but from there it will take 15 seconds for you to go to another page and from there the application will be installed.

Music Listening For Timer

That is, many people now put video songs or audio songs on YouTube, but if you lock the mobile screen, the songs will stop, and if you listen to the songs while using it in other applications or similar applications, the same screen will be locked, so that the screen will not be locked. I have brought you a wonderful application to listen to songs without binding. I am going to give you the link below. Through it, you can listen to music easily. Friends, this application is an amazing trick. We listen to songs at night when we are sleeping. In that case, you can lock the screen and you can also enjoy it. The trick is that if you keep playing the playlist, you can set all the songs in that playlist and after 30 minutes the songs will be off and the screen will be locked. When you go to sleep, the songs will continue to play all night until they are charging, but otherwise it is very easy with the application that I have mentioned, and the songs will stop playing in that time.

How To Use :-

Friends, if you open the application first, after doing it, it will ask you for some permissions, give them, then you can easily login with your number. But immediately it is very safe so an application you can give any permissions you can log in with any number you will not have any problem but many people think some times some people think that by giving our details we don’t have our mobile number we give some permissions our details are all out. They think that our mobiles will be hacked or leaked but there is no such problem we provide that the application will always be safe and from then on you can download the application without any thought.

  • In the same way, after logging in the application, select the song you like and set the i mean.
    You can also download songs if you don’t have mobile data, in this you can set offline songs and listen to songs through it.

  • And once you have downloaded the song, it will be downloaded at a very fast speed. Similarly, if you are in the latest play list, you can create it.
  • How many playlists you have created is very easy to play. What are the interesting features of this? You can easily turn on your phone once you have turned on your music or play list is complete.
  • And I have brought an application about you so that the songs can be played even if the mobile screen is locked. Application songs can be played very easily and safely wherever you are.
  • But this application is now for those who are more crazy about music or music, this application is very useful for those who are constantly listening to music or those who are under tension and stress are listening to music very well. This is a very useful application for those who enjoy them.
  • After all, through the application, we can use it in many ways, and apart from listening to music, downloading music, lyrics are also a generator for you.
    Many people not only listen to music but also write their music and you sing it, it is very useful for such people, lyrics are also generated for you and you can easily read the lyrics and sing.
  • And as soon as you click on the timer option, you can set the time you like within 30 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes.
  • Because of this timing, you put any one song and you 30 itAnd as soon as you click on the speed time option, you can set 30 minutes, 20 minutes or whatever time you like within 30 minutes.
  • This timing is because if you put any song and you have to play it for 30 minutes then after 30 minutes the song stops and if you want to end the lock then you have to set this one trick.
  • Before that you need to create a good playlist first. If you add some songs you like in it, it is enough to set this time and go to sleep.
  • As soon as you are still sleeping, the songs close and lock on your mobile screen

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends? It’s so easy that you also download the application for your mobile phone. It’s not very free. It’s very easy. But if you’re listening to music, this application works great. And through it, you can create a great album and create a playlist and You can say that this is an excellent option because if you lock the application, the songs will play because you are mostly mobile screen is online charging.

But if there is a song or a play list, create it and put it on a night time when you are sleeping or when you are going somewhere, if you put it on for 30 minutes, then the play list you put on is how many years, how many parties you complete in 30 minutes, all the songs. If it is complete, you will get the clue. This application is very useful. For more such interest, please follow our website and share the article with your friends and family members. They will also use it if they like your songs.

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