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 Hello Hi Friends Today Our Topics is video Colour Grading Video Android.

You can easily do color grading of any video if you see how are your friends article.

How to do it, what to do, the video will be color grading, full details are going to be told below, read completely and understand.

And this article doesn’t mean I’m going to give you a short video link.

As soon as you click on that link, you will see the video made by me, watch and understand the video completely


Colour Grading Video Android

Colour Grading Video Android

Friends, you have to watch many videos on YouTube to do the lucky color grading.

They keep downloading the number of applications even if you do that, it will not be of any use to you, but some of those applications will work very well.

I am going to tell you about an easy application among the applications that work.

Below I am going to tell all the details of what is single friends application

Download now :-



also click on the red colour button on connect play store download application.

If you click on download, the download will start.


How to use :-

Friends if you look at the name of this application the mobile will show an option after opening this application open gallery and next to it it will ask you to make a short video by taking.

Click on the Gallery option next to it and then open the video you want to color grade the video and you will get some options called Brightness Contract White Balance below.

Click on the option that says brightness and you can see how bright the video is.

You set that and similarly click on the contract option and get the video contract amount.

Then above there is an option called Flute LUT click on it it has some kind of effect and some kind of team in it set it if you want video team

Friends have seen it, so easily you too can color grade any video on your mobile phone as I said.

colour grading effect application.



friends understand that trick to colour grading application.

Those are the videos that I have made. I have told you through this traffic.

also click on the below video link and watch and enjoy them


Video Link :-

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