full screen whatsapp status | Full Screen Status Editing In Inshot

Hello hi friends how are you friends my article is going to tell you completely about the application full screen whatsapp status.

Through this application we can set any video full screen and also edit the video.

I’m going to tell you how it is in full below and I’m going to make a video on the topic of this.


full screen whatsapp status

Friends, are you uploading status on WhatsApp or other social media?

You may have downloaded many applications to edit status in full screen 4K quality.

But let me tell you that in this application you can easily edit any video in full screen and give good effects to that video.

And don’t save that video in the colony of your choice I am going to tell below the full details of the application read this article completely to understand



Download Now :-


Friends, click on the red color button below for the link of this application, as soon as you do it, you will be connected to the play store and will be downloaded from there.


How To Use:-

full screen whatsapp status

Friends, after opening the application, it will ask you for some permissions, give them.

After giving click on the option that says video here.

Once done, connect to your gallery and upload any video under full screen WhatsApp status.

After selecting the desired video, you will get number of options below.

If you check the first option Canvas means what size your uploaded video should be and in which reservation it should be edited then you can type your video full screen.

Click on the option that says whatever video you have taken and there you will see the resolution that you like.

In it you can set whatever video is full screen with side blur and give some reservations.

16:9 ratio editing tools option click here and more ratios available.

Sankranti If you look at the second option Music means whatever video you have uploaded.

You can add music to that video.

The third option is a sticker that can be set as an image next to your Facebook or your photo

Through this, you can edit comedy scenes. Friends, the fourth option text means you can type whatever name you want to give text on your sister’s photo. After typing, you will get the text on your video.

After friends the option PIP means through this option you can add any photo to it when the video is coming in the middle.


Conclusion :- 

You have seen this sense, you too can easily edit the full screen WhatsApp status .

video in 4k quality on your mobile phone through this application that I mentioned.

And the application has many types of tools for video editing.

Through these, you can edit your video even better. Only friends, if you understand this article, share it with your friends.

watch video and all tools explain in on video watch and enjoy editing.


Video Link :- 

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