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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we can listen to other people’s words how do you think it means we are near them but we can’t hear what they say or they talk silently or they say don’t be there again ok we can hear their words easily for this a good Below I am going to tell you the full details of what the application is

Friends are usually not through their mobile phone but what else is going to be said through an application you can easily put your mobile phone when someone is talking and you will hear their words completely and you will think that you are recording for the trick of this application. They are nothing but a small application should be of less MB. This is an application. It is enough to connect our bluetooth and put the earphones in our ears and cut off the mobile. That’s it. You can easily listen to the words of how many people are there without talking. You can also record those words. Easy and very free any application we can get playstore application link I am going to give below

Download Now :-

App Link

As soon as you click on the download button above the friends, it takes 15 seconds for you to reload, from there you will go to another page and the application will be installed. Similarly, after downloading the application, open it. After opening, why am I going to tell you what steps to do

How To Use :-

If the friends application is open after downloading it will ask you for some permissions. Give them, if you are an application with the given permissions, the interface is as easy as home friends, if you are an application as I said on your mobile phone, if you download it, then you will see it like that, then if you are there, turn on the bluetooth and whatever you want to listen to through bluetooth, that is the bluetooth. Connect your mobile phone, open the application and click on the start sound amplifier. It is very easy for you. If you have the application, you can put the mobile phone near the person who is talking and you will be able to hear everything they say. Moreover, if you are their mobile phone. You can set it in your home or you can set it anywhere in the office but when you are outside, please don’t use it in public places because if you are using a mobile phone in a public place, there are more chances that your mobile phone will be used. If you feel like someone is talking about the application, please use it easily

Conclusion :-

So friends, so easy, you can also download this application on your mobile phone and through it you can easily listen to the other person’s words and you can also record in the application. Follow the website and share it with your friends on our website, they will also know more tricks like this.

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