How To Easily Skin Smooth In A Picture

Hello friends how are you friends today our article is that we can easily make a Skin Smooth Editing Tutorial.

How is that, friends, we use many types of applications to make our pace smooth or we keep smoothing our skin through softwares.

But no matter if that software is premium or any kind of software, we can easily smooth our skin on our mobile with the application that I am going to tell about in this article.

Friends, you have to download a small application for this, the name of the application is Pretty Up Video and Photo Body Editor. This application is available on Play stor and its link is given below.


Download Now :- 

As soon as you click on the red color button under friends you will go to play store and there you will see install. I am going to tell you in detail below the steps to be followed after installation

How To Use :- 

  • Friends please open the application.
  •  As soon as you do it, it will ask you permission to buy it easily, give those permissions.
  • After giving it you will easily ask that you start there.
  • Click on it and it will ask you whether you want to edit a video or edit a photo, select what you want to edit.
  • Next you will see the more and more editing tools.
  • If you want to smooth your pace in it, enter an option in it and make your pace as smooth as you want.
  • And the brightness should increase at your pace so you can easily increase it from there.
  • And friends you can do many types of photo or video editing through this application and new  effects are also available to you.


Friends, have you read this, you can easily edit the skin of your video or photo on your mobile in this way.

Share this article with your friends too, they will also easily smooth.

Click on the video link under Friends and watch the video live.

Video Link:-

Skin Smooth Editing Tutorial


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