How To Get Unlimited Internet By GF

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is an amazing trick to get 130gb internet on mobile phone but i am going to tell you mobile data will come yours. And how and what to process about this I am going to explain completely below Read this article completely to understand

Many people use mobile phones in many ways as a means of friends. How many people are using this but they are also earning money, but in the same way you also make phone calls in many ways but once you have mobile data, you may not have any mobile data. Some people try different ways, but once the mobile network runs out, if the data runs out, when they go somewhere else, they turn on their hotspot or connect to Wi-Fi. Sometimes you have very few but you use a lot of scene quotes. Some easy twists will come to you through the SIM cards used in this way, that is, you can very easily borrow the network from your mobile phone through the SIM card. This feature is also available through our mobile phone, that is, 130 Gb Jio network on your mobile phone. But it will come for free, this can also be done through our very easy process, and read the full details of the process, you will understand and you will get the network easily through the smallest codes below. Let’s see how you can easily get network with high speed with minimum process

👉VI – 130Gb Free internet code



This Code Use To Get Airtel Free Internet.



Friends, I am going to tell you that after completing the above Jio app, first of all you have to open our My Jio application, open this application and first open the play store and type My Jio there and see if the application has been updated. Then update if it is updated, if not update click on open

  • After that you select there Login with your Jio number i.e. login with your Jio number After that you will get the option Emergency data required click on it
  • Then you will see menu option where you click on gotu menu option top left corner means you will get top left corners as a feature
  • You will see an option there in emergency data I have to click on it and after that there will be a president click on that
  • Click on next page and after that get emergency data option will appear and you have to click on that option
  • Next you will see only one banner. In that banner you will see an option that says 1gb high speed data, you have to click on the option and after clicking you will see a proceed button.
  • There you will see submit or letter options and after that you click on submit
  • You will get Instantly Get One Jio Jio Data which means that you will get one Jio data instantly which is free but comes under a loan.
  • In the same way, if you take a loan five times, you will get five GB high speed network. Even if it is in the Jio process of you can easily take the network through this amazing tricks

And as given above I have given you the codes of Idea Airtel through those codes you can get free network very easily and that too if you get 130gb network and if you get 130gb through Idea then you can get free network and you can also get the same high speed through Airtel You can also get a network with

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends? You can also do this very easily through your mobile phone as I told you and enter the codes in your dial pad very easily if it is an Idea SIM and get 130GB network if it is an Airtel SIM you can know through another code and in that you can do it as I said. If Jio process is done, you will get high speed very easily. For more interesting articles like this, follow our website and share the article with your friends.

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