Instagram Reels Trending Video Editing In alight motion | New BeatSync Effect Video Editing

 Instagram Reels Trending Video Editing In alight motion


Hello friends how are you today in this article I will tell you how to do Instagram Trending Beat Sync Effect Video Editing which is trending in full screen on your mobile 4K is very easy on your mobile so you can edit it very easily


You have to edit it using the app called Elite Motion near you. I will give it to you below the app link. From there, if you do not have the app, you can easily download it.  I’ll give you an XML link. I’ll tell you what to do with any link.

Beat Mark & Shake Effect 

Clicking on the link below will open you directly connected to the app and a project file will

open. What I have already edited is the project file.  Click on the file where you want to put your photo and replace your photo.


Download The Template 

 After you give a beat mark and shake effect to your photos, when I finally edit the video, some of the effects will be downloaded by clicking on the download button below. I will give it to you via Google Drive. can add




After reading this article on friends you can do full screen whatsapp status video editing while editing through alight motion application

  If not, I’ll put the content on the website as well as in the form of videos on YouTube. After reading this article, if you do not understand, I will give the video link below. Click on the link. Our editing channel will open.  Editing can be done


Video Link :- 

 Please do not watch the video there and if you have not yet subscribed to the channel subscribe immediately

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