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Hello hi friends how are u friends today our topic is Instagram Trending Video Editing in 2023. latest editing tricks.

similarly any kind of reels which are going viral on Instagram can be edited very easily on our mobile phone. otherwise some people do not know and make mistakes because they think it is a big process. If not, this is a very short process for you with simple tricks, shake effects and beats effects, these videos are very easy to edit on your mobile phone, you also need to install an application for editing on your mobile, this application is called 1000 Editor in this application. There is no watermark, This is not a third party application.

 We are not editing any kind of substation. In the application called Vien editor, we can use it very easily for editing and how to use this app for editing. If you definitely want to edit your photos with Shake Affair in the application called VN Editor.

you should have at least 15 photos, then we can edit very easily.

Instagram Trending Video Editing

Photos are as a line and you have to select 15 photos with a duration of 0.75 seconds.

After selecting 15 photos, I will tell you the music link and download it below.

also below music link tap and then the connect audio fire and wait for 15 seconds to download video.

Whenever I give a music link to the photos, they will download the music.

music then the added to video and editing.

after adding photo and beat sink and base effect editing complete.

Conclusion :-

Instagram Trending Video Editing

But if we set it perfectly for each photo, the effect will be very good. Finally, what you need to do is download the success editor application as we see below. Similarly, I will give you the music link. Download the audio file.

If you click on the link of the video uploaded on our YouTube.

you can watch the complete video process in addition to reading the article, and if you watch it live, you can share your photos and edit your own photos in Beat Sings in various ways.

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