Mobile Charging Trick..!

Hello my friends how are you friends who are our article is very easy you can set your mobile phone to receive a voice when it is charging and another voice as soon as it is charging Mobile Charging Trick..!.

Many of my friends are charging, they set a siren or some other sound so that it comes immediately after charging, or else they set a sound so that a siren comes immediately after charging. Apart from that, I am going to tell you about an amazing application in this article. When they want to come, they want the sound to come when they take it, they like a place very much, that is, through an application, there are many different phases, no matter what kind of phases you have, as soon as you charge, you can set the voice you like in it.

Download Now :-

App Link

As soon as you click on the download button above friends, you will reload to another page from there you will see another red color button, after clicking on it, it will take 15 seconds to reload and from there you will be connected to the play store and the application will be installed. It is very safe and I am going to tell you the steps to be followed after downloading this application

you can set the dialogues in the movies through the media application. When one variety is charged, you can set it to charge others and many people are charging in public places. When someone is charging, they set an alarm so that you get a siren as soon as it reaches 100. It will be stolen if you put your mobile phone somewhere else or if someone tries to disconnect the charge so that it is not charging when you put it in your house or if you do not charge your mobile phone or if the power goes out, your charging will stop. Apart from that, whenever charging is removed through an application, then you will get a silent with a voice, and again, immediately after charging again, you will get a voice. You can set a dialogue. All we have to do is an application we don’t have any third party links just any application we get from our play store. You don’t need to search anywhere for its link, it will be given below

Sound Effects

Friends, in the above two musics, if there are two dialogs in the I mean dialogues, you can connect to the download, that is, when you put the charge, you can set it so that one dialogue comes up, when you take it out, another dialogue comes up. The dialogue of is downloaded through which you can go to the application and click on connect and if it is the dialogue of this you can upload it in the same way you like the dialogues if you download it differently and upload it in this and set it so that it comes when you put it on charging.

How To Use :-

Friends application after download, open it, after doing it, it will ask you for many types of permissions, some of them will be shown on the main page, give them, after giving them, you will see a sound, there will be some options. can do You can set the voice of your choice and the music of your choice through my connect option. And as soon as you click on the disconnect option, you can easily set the music by clicking on the link there. You can set the music you like after charging. Note that many people charge in many places. In such places, when you are out doing something, your mobile phone is stolen. From then on you can keep your mobile safe and secure and know who is taking it

Conclusion :-

This is how easy it is for you, friends, to download the application that I mentioned through your mobile phone, and when you put on a music, you can search for a music or a dialogue, and for many more interesting tricks, follow our website and share this article with your friends. They also put it in the same way that your mobile phone is very safe by charging music

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