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hello hi friends how are you friends who have taken our article very easy our mobile can keep our secure

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What security means, do you want someone to hack our mobile? No, our mobile is a mobile when we are using it, if we can chat on it, we can talk to someone, or if the phone is not talking, when we are looking at something on it, listening to music, listening to videos, watching videos, someone can immediately steal what we are doing on our mobile. He will know what we are doing. Similarly when we are chatting with someone when we are at home, that chatting is suddenly someone comes and our parents in our house but when they grab it, they will see it so that we do not see it.

Usually when you are doing something on mobile you get angry without someone suddenly and what they are doing scares you once you are your mobile phone when you are using it in college when you are using it in school you are with your friends something something something songs then who got it when you buy a lock from a mobile you this The application is very easy for you. Through the application you can lock someone’s mobile phone immediately when your phone is locked.

How To Use :-

Friends if you download this application through your mobile phone then open it after opening it will ask you some permissions give those permissions after giving the application if you open it then ask you some value content after giving them value count you will get 19 or whatever you like Set the count to stop when the speed force lock is set and click on it above it will say start, you will get back like command as soon as it comes, it will stop immediately in your mobile. Even if you are using other applications, whatever you are doing while you are chatting is your friend, but if someone comes and logs into your phone, it will be locked immediately. Similarly, the feature of friends is available on the iPhone. It can be set very easily if you have an iPhone. What is the feature of Direct Alexa without any application like this, the feature called Siri is given in this iPhone. When someone locks a mobile, when we are using an iPhone, if someone wants to lock our mobile, Hey Siri, lock the screen is enough. If we want to do the feature on our Android mobile phone, it will not be given to us directly, but we have to do it with such applications

Conclusion :-

This application is very useful for many people. Within fraction of seconds, whoever is your friend, but if someone is locked, it will be dropped. Similarly, if you are chatting, you forget the phone without pressing the lock button.

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