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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is going to tell you how to easily set the storage on your mobile phone to be more.

Friends, when you are using any application on your mobile phones or the applications that are generally used by many people, there are many types of applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Phone Book. Whether there are 100 applications or fifty applications, you have to clear each one of them or else you have to do each one of them and not what is in it, so it takes a lot of time for you to do each one. Apart from that, through this I am saying that you can easily clear catch any application that is slow, it will be very fast on your application, but it will be opened in the meantime, all its features will be very fast. If an application is required to download your application we will get play store that application link is not going to give you below

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends, as soon as you click on the download button above, the page will be reloaded and you will see another download button as soon as you click on the above download button and from there you will be able to install the application.
I am going to say below

How To Use :-

Friends, if you open your application, it will ask you if you have some permissions, give them, what is the permission, so if you want to clear any application, you will see its permissions, this one permission, after you give all, you will see some apply apps in the application, all are clean. It will be shown as “Scan” and as soon as you do it, you will be asked to scan all the applications at once. They will ask for a button called “Clear Catch”. If you don’t want to do it, you can remove it by ticking it. Please, you can also change the themes. You can change the color design of the application. It is very easy to use this application.

This is a simple trick for those who think that the storage is running out or the application is not opening fast and the mobile is not fast. If you are the same, download the application and it will be clear. It is very easy for you and your mobile phone will run as fast as you expected. About this application to your friends. Also share it and from there they will also speed up their mobile if they have done the same

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