Alight Motion 4k full Screen WhatsApp Status video editing

Hello Hi Friends today our topic is Full Screen Whatsapp Statusediting alight motion then edit a status video in 2023 read full article more information.


Friends, you need to make a status with 4K quality on your phone. To do that, you don’t use many different applications. Those applications may not work well for you. But this application that I am going to tell you is very useful and gives very good results. If you want to edit, you must have an application called alight motion on your mobile phone. should be

You should also know the project links that I provide along with the application

The links I give you are two XML files, one containing the beat mark and the other containing the shake e effect that you need to edit.


Beat Sync Music Effect :-

To download the Beating Music Button first click on the red color button and after downloading the XML file will open and connect to Alight Motion app as soon as you click on it.

Full Screen Whatsapp Statusediting
Full Screen Whatsapp Statusediting


Shake Effect:- 

Friends, after you download the beat of music you need to apply effect on the photo so you can click on the red color below download and download then we have some shake photos and paste effects to our photos


Full Screen Whatsapp Statusediting
Full Screen Whatsapp Statusediting


How To Edit :- 

Unpack the beat mark music you downloaded earlier so you can open it for me in the AliteMotion app on your mobile.

It looks like in below photo your photos line has lines in red color.

The second photo is the set photos for me in the middle of the line…so after you put all the photos after you copy the effect here, if you have a friend who played the music before, you have to open the project and you have to open the project.

The message will return OK This way you can add as many photos as you want for editing Click on each photo and paste the copied effect.

So that you can paste as many photos as you want on all photos …

 Download Video Effect :- 

In the middle came under lightning, I used a video to get one under lightning, I will give the download link of that video.

You can download from there After selecting the video, it will come to screen billing and edited video.

Then comes lightning-like effects. How easy it is for you to do full-screen editing with Attitude


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Full Screen Whatsapp Statusediting


Video Link :- 


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