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Hello Hi friends how are you friends today topic is that we can edit our mobile phone with the same quality as we edited the photo in PhotoShop it can also Professional Youtube Thumbnails Editing telling us how to edit.

We can edit on our mobile, how to edit it, I will clearly explain to you the whole process.




1. Pixellab. :-  click here

2. Snapseed :- click here

3. Background Eraser :- click here


How To Edit


If you have two applications on your mobile phone then what are the suitable applications pixellab Professional Youtube Thumbnails Editing.

Use this application to degin all types of text as well as our PNG images as well as the background as well as all related


If we see another application, we have a snapseed application.

Using this application, we can adjust our background, adjust the light, but we can also change the color of a dress, increase it, and edit the whole photo using this tool.

Professional Youtube Thumbnails Editing

If we have noticed that we are editing Thumbnail on our mobile phone at any time, if we want certain types of fonts styles, if we want to search for Telugu Unicode font in Google, some types of fonts will come up. Have to make

 If we see what we are saying how to use the original application on the phone

Professional Youtube Thumbnails Editing

 A video has been made You must first watch that video

If you watch that video you will fully understand the application then I made a video on how to do our 95 mobile phone that video episode you may think that video also after you watch the video I will provide you a link that says another video video part 3 See this video for yourself.

If you watch this video compulsorily you can very quickly make a YouTube Thumbnail on your mobile phone

You can do it very easily. Hours, hours, even time, it does not take us. In just 5 minutes, we can easily do the editing.

 I mean if this topic is today I have told you these three video videos below so if you click on this video link it will connect to our youtube channel you can edit if you watch the full video from there


Conclusion :-

Friends this topic to whatsapp status editing and most ways to most  use full thumbnail editing tricks and tips in 2023.

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