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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we can save our mobile charging very easily. This is how we listen to our play songs on youtube then our charging is very automatic very fast but it decreases so you can very easy to charge while listening to songs on your mobile phone.

Friends usually use mobile phone in many ways in many ways. Some people try to earn money through my mobile phone in many ways, but now according to the growing technology, many types of features have been brought. It is brought to you today, its fee is remitted, it is very easy, you can use it anytime, it is an amazing application that is YouTube of YouTube, the application has become very famous and anyone who does not know anything is using the application to know, some people use it to listen to their songs on YouTube. Songs because we can play the song as we like but some people watch video songs some people watch audio songs most of the time you watch a video song and once you want to listen to audio only what happens if you lock your mobile screen the song stops automatically the application is downloaded this amazing application you can play anything Whether you want to listen or watch something, you want to set automatic lock, you can do it very easily through an application. How is this possible? You will see just one symbol. If you listen to the broken song and click on that symbol, only the audio will be played. This will charge your battery. It also comes a lot. Many people go out somewhere, so when they go out, they worry that their charging is too much. Some people carry power banks, so what do people who do not have a power bank, they want to save their charging. For such people, this wonderful application is very useful.

Download Now :-

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Friends, as soon as you click on the download button above, you will reload to another page, it will take 15 seconds from there, but the reloading will be amazing by getting the play store from there, and how safe and easy it will be.

How To Use :-

Friends first you have to open the application but after that it asks you for permissions very easy. Any application you download will require you to grant permissions. You won’t have any problem with this mandatory permissions, it will be very safe. After giving this, you will get a lock sim anywhere. This symbol is in the places you like, but you can do it with difficulty, that is, whenever you listen to songs on YouTube. At such time the symbol of this will appear next to you. Whenever you are in a song

If you want audio and not video, just press on this lock symbol and you will automatically lock the mobile phone. When you receive any phone call, it will automatically turn on. Similarly, through this wonderful application, you can save while charging and how to do it. There is no charging. Is there any use. In YouTube, AP is still impossible. If you lock while listening to songs on YouTube, the songs will stop automatically. And it is very easy to lock if you are using this wonderful application. You can wear it and save your mobile phone charging and its mobile phone does not heat up. If you don’t go out anywhere, you have to charge your mobile phone and listen to songs when you go to other places. Otherwise, it is an excellent application for those who want to listen to its audio, but it is useful. Many people come to WhatsApp and listen to the audio, that is, they hear what someone has said or what someone has said. Even at that time, if you set it through the symbol of this application, it is very easy for you, but charging will be saved.

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends? You can also do this easily through your mobile phone. As I said, download this application and save it very easily. If you are charging your mobile phone, there are many types. But it is not possible to easily listen to different songs on YouTube, if you listen to all the same audios on WhatsApp, then it is enough to put a lock on it. It is very easy to charge your mobile. If you have any interest, follow our website and share an article with your friends. They will know and try

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