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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we can use very easily but i have brought you an amazing alternative application other than wadi’s truecaller. Calling us through this application is amazing and let’s do the full details of the application below

In the present era of friends this is more and more gadget is how many people talk through mobile phones every day through mobile phones if you talk like this there is a wonderful option and you meet the phone in many ways you are very easy if you talk for long hours many people talk for a long time If you talk like this, you will also get spam calls once in a while, it means that you need Airtel or some other network or something like that. You will get a lot of stamp like calls. Well you have no use and sometimes you don’t get the name of someone’s number once you see who made the number for free. And if you want to know what is WhatsApp on that number, you can feed that number at once and then you will go and see their photo on WhatsApp. Apart from that, through this amazing application, I have told you in this article that you can easily block every spam call you get through this amazing application. This means that whenever you receive spam calls, you will no longer receive calls. This amazing application will block you from receiving spam calls from your mobile number. Similarly, any phone number you receive will know how many accounts there are on that number. You will be fully aware that there is a media account, through it you can know the details of the temple, but few people get fraud calls. You can do it and it also has a lot of amazing customizations. If you prefer a dial pad, you can set it in a way that makes it difficult for them.

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends, by clicking on the above download button, if you have 15 seconds, it will reload and connect to another page, from there you will see the play store, from there you can download. It can be done and what should be done, but the complete steps are downloaded, but I am going from below

How To Use :-

Friends, open the application first, many of you are still using the True Caller application. How do you select this True Caller? Now the application that I am going to tell you should do the same. The application can be said to be an alternative application to the True Caller. This caller application is very easy for us and many people. But the application is available True Caller ID and our spam can be blocked. Asks means that you can set this application as default apart from the phone book you always use. That is, when the phone is given, open the style you like, put a background photo like this, and you have to set the Spam calls Block application, and in this, we have many options. Also, if you get any number, WhatsApp, Facebook, and you will see a setting there. After clicking on it, you can easily block spankers. From then on, all the scan calls you receive will be blocked, and all of your contacts will be easily blocked. Backup can be done through google drive and you will get a cool feature there which is identify which number it will ask. If you click on it, if you get any phone number, then you can easily copy and paste that number to me, after doing that, you will see who’s name, whatsapp, facebook on it.

Conclusion :-

Have you seen my friends at home? You can easily change your phone book call record by downloading this application through your mobile phone as I said. You will get tired of spam calls. You can do them easily through this application. If the number is on WhatsApp Facebook, you will know the full details of who the number is, and if you are interested in our website, follow us and share the article with your friends, they will also know.

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