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Hello friends, how are you friends, today our article is very easy to lock the app on our mobile phone. The error is strange but you can see how you can set it if you apply it. You can see this article in full about such amazing tricks.

Friends, in general, most of the applications are locked in many ways, that is, when we go somewhere, if someone takes our mobile phone, they open the application, or WhatsApp, but for me, in many ways, we put it in the app without opening any other application, but if we are in the application lock, someone is our mobile. When we open the application on the phone, it asks if it is locked, only when we enter the password, the application opens, but without our knowledge, if any of our friends open the application, when they ask us for the lock, they get tired of telling us what the lock is, or they try many ways, but once the application is opened, an error occurs. It is very easy for us, but if we want to create it in the same way, we must have an application. I am going to tell you about the application.

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends, after clicking on the above download, you will be taken to another face, but from there it will take 15 seconds for you to go to another page and from there the application will be installed.

How To Use :-

Friends, if you open the application first, it will ask you for some permissions. After doing them, if you give some default permissions, if you want to give some other permissions, then if you want to give it about the application default, then if you want to lock any application, you have to select it here. If you want to lock them, you have to select them in the selected apps. If you do that, it’s easy. And since then you are his friends but if you want to open his application no matter if you click on it, you will have the application, but when you ask what to do, all your friends will see it as force stop, but the unknown truth is that you are the only one. What is known is that once you are there, long press on the post stop is enough and it is very easy to see whatever you have locked there. It means that you open the application in advance, after giving permission, it says set password. If you want to lock it, you have to enter the password. If you set the lock in a way that is easy for you to remember, then you set it. It means that it will trend in a way that only you know. Once you are on the post shop, long press. If you do it, you will see what kind of pastor you have

Friends have already seen it, it’s so easy for you to download an application like I said in your mobile phone and set a password like this, if you want to lock it, put any application you want. It’s not your friend.

Conclusion :-

Friends have already seen it, it’s so easy for you to download an application like I said on your mobile phone and set a password like this and lock it. If you want any application, put the application. It’s not your friend. And if someone takes your mobile phone, you’ll have a lot of trouble because you won’t be able to open the application. You will only see an error in the application there, if the lock you put there is never found, but it will be very easy for you. Once you long press on the post office, it will be easy enough and you will easily take your friends mobile or they will take your mobile at your house. Chatting or if you want to see the photo on your mobile properly, then use this lock application. It’s very easy and wonderful.

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