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Hello friends how are you friends today our article is about the snap chat application which is used in our mobile phone but today the article is going to explain completely what is the application all the details and how we use it through that application I am going to tell you completely from each of them today.

Many of our friends use Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other similar applications, but now the trending application for us is Snap Chat, because if we want to take photos, or if we want to whiten and beautify our face, or if we want to put something like emojis or characters on our face, it is a wonderful application for us. Chat is now installed on everyone’s mobile phone as an application called Snap Chat, which means that there is an application on everyone’s mobile phones. Many people are using this application in many ways. Some people are using it for chatting. However, there are many types of uses through application. Through this snap chat application, we can follow someone in many ways, or we can chat, and through this, we can take pictures with emojis and characters. Comedy and Thriller and Suspense similarly have many different character faces but the application of this is present youth but most of them are used. There are so many features through this application so I am going to tell you the full article to give you how this application can be used.

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends by clicking on download button above you will find snap chat application link that means when you click download above then you will be redirected to another face and reload from there 15 seconds then you have to wait so after 15 seconds complete you will have application It will appear if you connect to our Telegram channel and from there the application will appear. As soon as you click through it, the application will be downloaded for you

How To Use :-

Friends, first download the application, open it, after doing so, if you have a camera or not, it will ask you to log in, that means you need to log in with your gmail address, not with your mobile number. If this is an application, you have to log in by giving some ID proof, that is, if you use your Google account, or if you use your mobile number, you have to log in through OTP. If you sign up, then it is very easy to open directly if you have a camera. And through this camera we have a lot of features like flash light option and emojis option video recording and whatever we put in the emoji space we take through it we are on Instagram it’s a lot of real videos but many people are doing that read We can also put videos in it

  • Once we turn on the camera in such a way that it falls on our face, there you will see an option called music, immediately click on it.
  • enter the music you like and then you can create a real video through it. Be it a comedy or a cartoon, anything can be created with a good animation.
  • Here we have a new option that is being given an off India. T
  • he given application is very easy but it is premium which means you can use any create tools very easily through which you have great opportunities .
  • if you can add generator profile backgrounds or free drinks it says free eight personal dreams every month which means you get free drinks pack.
  • So these are given and the generator zoom out version of snaps is extendable by whatever you use and you create an application profile or bio of this .
  • so the bio you create is attractive and engaging so click on Creative bio for me If you bio is very easy, it will be created automatically, that is.
  • its artificial intelligence has been very useful for us in its application, and it has generator chat wallpapers, which means that whatever you set as wallpapers, you can set it as a generator.
  • And you can easily change the app icon themes through this app and you can easily change it and difficult app themes.
  • if it is difficult for you to change it in this sister application and if your friends are children through this application you can pin them as your best friends.
  • It is known that sometimes if you see the story once through this application, through this trick you can see the story again and again and you can post something and you can also set a bit closed background.
  • Story Experian has solar system and also hard notification in it hard notification sounds priority story sound replies in many ways these are many features provided but we post .
  • any story or real night in it which is a trick to boost it but in this it gives us chatting If we come to the option, like we have in many ways, here we have the option of All
  • whatever we are chatting, then there will be stories next to it, there will be new, and whatever the mother wants to do a new chat, she can click on it, and whoever has given us follow requests.
  • there will be a plus on the top, there will be a single. Through we can activate call request and we can add easy if our profile here means our id will be visible in our profile through which we can set photo or any avatar photo.
  • And the background avatar can also be set easily, in this we have an extended best friends list, verify your phone number, my public profile, a detail.
  • but in this, it asks to verify, and by saying My stories, any story we have seen here, we click on the option under Stories.
  • As soon as we do it, we can see who posted the email stories and when they posted them, and we have many options to follow them or unfollow them.

There is an option below that says through which we can see if we are in this, if we get advertisement size in the middle of this, it means if you have any similar offers or any watch items like any products we have in this but some of them come in advertisement means they are through this application. It is in the discover option through which if we click on the order no we can easily book through it and here we have the side spotlight option as soon as we click on it we will get a plate of whoever is using it so as soon as we scroll above we can see if And the real video made on the plus symbol on the side can be posted here and if you have clips of dead movie songs, like WhatsApp status or stories, you can also put clips in it. You can share it with your friends through the application. Side option shows how many likes you got for your victories and how much amount. There are many different features. Through your application, you can chat and post stories. Through this you can easily take photos.

Conclusion :-

Friends have seen this, so easily you can also download this snap chat application through your mobile phone through the link I have given and use it very easily through what I have said. That’s what we got. Through this social media application, no matter how long we use this application, our net will be very less and for such interesting tricks you have to follow our website and share this article to your friends and family members so they will know.

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