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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is you have brought an amazing application very easy to listen to music from this application I am going to explain you completely below

Friends, when you usually go somewhere or when you are under some tension, you listen to music more, that is, the music you listen to is heard through many types of applications. Sir, like us it is spotify or YouTube music. But you will get a lot of sand by getting advertisements like this. If you are drying on a bike somewhere, if you get an advertisement like this, it will be songs. Otherwise, I will not give you. It is brought from the application. Through this application, you can easily without any advertisement. But listenable means that the songs you listen to are up to you, whatever songs you want to listen to can be created under one playlist and there is no problem with how many types of playlists you have created. Whether you want to listen to songs like this while riding a bike or when you are on a journey or when you want to listen to songs while you are walking, you can listen to songs in this music application. No matter how long you have listened to the songs, it is enough to lock your mobile phone, that is, if your mobile screen is locked, the songs will not stop playing, so it will not stop playing on your mobile screen, and you can set a timer. Most of them have a habit of listening to songs while they are sleeping at night, that is, some people fall asleep if they listen to songs while sleeping. For such people, this application is useful in many ways, that is, when many people listen to songs in many applications, when they sleep, those songs do not stop. How long do you charge? For anyone who has this, those songs keep playing continuously until your mobile phone is charging and switches off. At that time, the net is a waste in our mobile phone and our charging waste in our mobile phone is switched off. Do you have a place? In particular, you can set a timing and listen to songs easily through it, that is, you can create a play list, through which you can play the Play Store inside it and put a time that we like.

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends you are connected to another page by clicking on the download button above. From there you will reload for 15 seconds and from there the application will be downloaded and what to do after the application is downloaded I am going to explain you fully below the steps and this application is very safe for us.

How To Use :-

After opening the friends application, it will ask you for some permissions. Give those permissions. If you see some songs there, you can create new albums in many ways and create a new playlist. Hits and your Many types of hits like Tamannaah Chips will be shown to us through them. If you are new new songs new new hits will be shown here as soon as you click on it it will ask you if you want 30 minutes one hour two hours color. That means if you want your songs to stop after one hour or 30 minutes there you can set it. For those who are in the habit of listening to songs while sleeping at night, this feature is amazing because the mobile phone is charging and you can download the songs from your mobile phone and you can download them through this application. Otherwise, if you want to listen to it directly, just click on the download button below and listen to the song you want, and after doing this, you can set the tribal of this song while driving anywhere. And if you are then its screen lock option will come in very handy for you. And even if you get a phone call suddenly, this song will stop automatically and it will come when there is a phone call. In the same way, you can drive while listening to songs very easily in the application, you can lock your mobile phone while listening to songs, if you listen to songs, you can set a timer for when you fall asleep, you can set a timer for the songs to stop, and if you like songs, you can easily download them. Apart from this, the application is very useful for those who have written more songs and who sing more songs in this application. Because they mostly take the lyrics, for any song or any kind of party, you will get the lyrics generated immediately, whatever language you have, the lyrics will come.

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends? You can easily download this application and listen to songs very easily through your mobile phone and even while listening to songs, you can save the charging of your mobile phone and you can create as many songs as you want in the play list. You can create the songs you like and put a photo and you can create albums and when you are listening to the songs any video call video song is also available in this and if you want to listen to any songs at the time of sleeping through this you can easily set the times and through it you can easily. By setting the time of the song, the songs will stop there. For many more interesting things like this, if you visit our website, and if this is a good and wonderful application, share it with your friends. They will also download the application if they like the songs.

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