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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is easy and amazing in the shortest time we can edit Instagram reel video it can also be edited with green trees like nature and how to edit and what to do and what application to use below I am going to explain..

Friends usually many types of reel videos but we are editing them and we are posting them on Instagram but every day many people are looking to edit many types of reels videos through Instagram which is one of the trending social media applications and the reels they are editing. Videos are becoming more famous and growing, but when editing is done like that, new features are coming every day, so every day there are new updates and new features are coming to us very easily. There are templates or there are tutorials videos but we don’t have any use for the template given by many people that means we use that template and keep editing in many ways but some people also tell tutorials in many ways in many ways but some people try to watch and do the tutorials but they don’t know half of the original. It is not coming but if we give a template easily through a QR code and we can change just names through it, anyone can easily edit the video. But today I am going to tell you the steps to do that, through these steps you can edit the reel video very easily. Similarly, first of all, there is an application that you all know. It is a very secure application and this application has very secure tips. If that template can be done then I am going to tell you completely about that application below Friends present now training this video but I am going to explain you fully how to edit it

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends, as soon as you first click on the download link above, you will be connected to the play store, and from there, the application will be installed.

Friends, you will see a photo above, click on it and download it. After downloading I will cry completely under the stress of doing it

How To Use :-

  • Friends, first of all, if you downloaded the above mentioned application, open it, after opening it.
  • you will see an option named Scanner, so that you can scan the above cure code very easily.
  • After doing that, in that application, if you find a photo of the cure code in the scanner place.
  • you open it, that is, as soon as you click on the cure code scan, you will be connected to the gallery, from there.
  • if you select that photo, it will ask us to scan it and use it, that is, Instagram. If you want to make a trending video.
  • that video is a temple template and you will see it here. Use the tablet below. After doing that.
  • it will show you an option to edit the tablet. If there is no name, give it a name of your choice and export it.
  • After exporting, you can post that video on Instagram or on any social media of your choice, and the real video you put is not only your name, but you can also add your favorite song.
  • You can do it and in the same way you can do it just through the QR code application that I mentioned.
  • similarly you can use it in that application if you are a tablet, after doing this you expect.

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends? You can also download the application of this application on your mobile phone and scan the application through the photo of the QR code that I have given. It is very easy. If you like our website for Trips and Tricks then follow and like this article to your friends too.

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