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Hello hi friends how are you friends any article we are about an amazing application to listen to songs but I can’t give you full and through the application we can listen to music without any subscription and with zero person subscription you have many different places to listen to music but I am going to tell you a new amazing application. Through which you can listen to music without any subscription and I am going to explain below the full details of what the application is

Friends, usually we listen to many kinds of music, not when we are going, but when we are at home, we listen to many kinds of music, but when we listen to this music, sometimes when we go out, when we are on a bike, there are some new places. If we create under one player, we play all the songs at once. We can listen to songs without touching anything, similarly we listen to music, but why do we lock our mobile screen once, that is, once we lock our mobile screen, the songs stop, then close means that unlike us, you use many types of applications in many ways. For examples we can listen to music but we can’t lock it. If we don’t lock it, we think that our mobile charging is getting low or our mobile is missing. The greatest habit is that they fall asleep when they listen to songs at bedtime, so the music does not stop, so if it is playing, they switch it off until it is charging, but I have brought an excellent application to give to such people. Now the most popular application is listening to music. Many people are using this music in many ways. Many people are listening to this music to get peace of mind. But many people are using and listening to this music and listening to it, there are no advertisements in the music, so it is very annoying for us to play half of that music and ask how to do it. It’s very easy to listen to music, you won’t get any ads and it’s very minimal net no matter how much you scroll. You can set a timer and download songs very easily through this application but you have many amazing features and I am going to explain the features below.

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends this application we get play store and by clicking on the above download button you reload another 15 seconds and from there the application will be downloaded. There are no third party links but the steps to be followed after downloading the application are going to be explained below

How To Use :-

Friends usually this application you have to download and then open it then after opening it will ask you some permissions. It means that usually when we open this application to download, many types of permission are done, but it asks us only some permissions, that is, it asks for many types of permissions, like opening music galleries on our mobile, our music, we have a microphone to listen to it. After doing them, it is very easy if there are some new categories or languages, then you can select the language you like in these types of languages ​​and you can listen to the music. If the music is trending, you will find it trending there, if you see songs from new movies, then once you click on a song, you will not see any advertisement until the song is complete. No Advance Advertisements No Subscription Asking No Buffering No Buffering Very Peaceful All You Need Songs A New Feature No Applications No Fee Remit So Easy To Go Anywhere Or While Trying On A Bike If you listen to songs even during the time, this feature is very useful for such people, this is the timer. You are listening to music in many applications but such applications do not have time. After you start music, you put some songs in a play list and create it. After creating it, if you play that play list, you will play the songs that are in your playlist at night, but you don’t know when you will go to bed. Set a timer. Once you have set a time of two hours or one hour, it is enough to set the time when you go to bed, the songs will be locked to your mobiles as soon as you wake up, as soon as the time is complete, the songs will be locked to your mobiles. This application is very useful for many music lovers, those who drive on a bike, those who go anywhere, this application is good for them, because if you lock the mobile screen, the songs are fine. . You can create play list in many different ways set time and if you lock ok mobile screen won’t stop no buffering no 0% subscription no investment if you don’t work

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends, you can also easily download the application that I have mentioned in your mobile phone and set the time easily in this music application through your mobile phone. For those of you, these songs are very useful at bedtime. For those of you, Locks are of great use. If you don’t have ads, you can get them with this subscription and there is no investment. For many more interesting gifts like this, follow our website and tell your friends. Share this article and they will know

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