How To Change Android Mobile Into iphone

Hello hi friends how are you friends friends who is our article limit means we are very easy to use our mobile phone but we keep using it like this we can fully see how good it will be if we change our mobile phone to i phone at once that means we have to change our mobile phone to i phone mobile today this article I have brought you an amazing application and below we are explaining the full details of what an application is i phone best launcher.

Many of my friends use mobile phones in many different ways, but if their mobile phone has an iPhone or if it is better to have an iPhone, many people ask that it would be better if we had a mobile phone. It should be changed. Many people think that it is good to have an iPhone. Some people use iPhones, some people use normal phones, but now for many people, this mobile phone is very useful. Through this, we can earn money in many ways and there are many uses of this mobile phone when someone is anywhere. Through your technology, mobile phones are useful in many ways, but in any mobile phone, there are many brands of mobile phones. An excellent application has been brought so that through the application, no matter what kind of launch we have on our mobile phone, it means our mobile phone is very easy, no matter what brand it is, we can change my mobile phone. I am going to explain below the complete details of the application internal

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends this application we get play store and by clicking on the above download button you reload another 15 seconds and from there the application will be downloaded. There are no third party links but the steps to be followed after downloading the application are going to be explained below

How To Use :-

Friends, in general, our application can be downloaded, after opening it, it will ask you for some permissions, that is, the application permissions on your mobile phone, teen permissions, etc. It will ask you how to do those permissions. After that, you will have an iPhone launcher. As follows, a feature will appear, after clicking on it, you should set it as default to your mobile phone, that is, if it is an application of your mobile phone, it should be set as default. How to set it is very easy. So we will give the default action since then we have opened our applications or our main page has opened the theme which has home pages very easily as it is in your mobile phone it will open in the same way as in your mobile phone when you scroll from the top you will see the applications and its For navigation, all these will be changed to the way they are on the iPhone, and widgets from the home page, and the charging animation, all of these will also be changed to the way you have iPhones, and if you put them on the wall paper, you will have some tools that have home pages, and all these will be the same as the Apple iPhone. If there are changes, how safe is it, no matter how different we do it, I don’t have any problem, and your application should set the theme you like.

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends, you too can easily download this application as I said through your mobile phone and very easily you can also set your mobile phone as an iPhone theme. If you are our website for island interesting gifts then follow us and whoever is worried about not having an iPhone then this application will be very useful for such people and you should also share this article with your friends so that they will also know in the same way and participate if they are worried about not having an iPhone then through this application they will customization is easily done.

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