Cinematic Frame Making For Videos | How To Add Cinematic Frame To Videos In kinemaster

Hi friends how are you friends today in this article you can however edit the cinematic frame coming from your mobile How to make friends editing is actually in the big editing softwares on your computer but today just having a mobile app on your mobile phone without anything is enough The name of the app is Kinemaster if we look Using this app we can do YouTube video editing normally.
  Similarly WhatsApp status videos can be edited Lyrical videos can be edited and edited
   Real videos installed can also be used using the application What happens to us because of Friends Cinematic is that our video is a reservation while watching a movie Similarly if we upload that edited video on youtube it feels normally small then everyone is saying whether it looks too small then I will come Let’s see how we can do the editing Kinemaster will have to be downloaded though
  Open it after installing the application on Kinemaster and after opening it will look like the photo below you.
Download Application 

Kinemaster Link :- DOWNLOAD

Editing Process 

  You need to select the video for which you want to edit

If you click on the Store option, you will see the following.

The 5th option is the frame in the options called stickers as shown below

Then click on it to download Download also comes with install.

Now you need to put the downloaded frames into your videos.

When you get to the timeline, if you click on the Layers option, Stickers will appear
 These stickers contain frames …

If you click on Fames, it will be 2.37.1. You need to select this frame.
Finally you still need to save your video with the quality you like.

Friends saw the story You can edit your videos so easily but if you still do not understand after reading this article I will give you the video link below if you watch the video that I already made the video on our editing channel you can also click on the video and watch the video  ..

Video Link :- 

Then the whole editing process is told in that video You can also edit on your mobile phone just like me if you finally watch that video

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