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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we are playing very easy games but you are playing cricket games in mobile in many different ways but you can play such cricket game in your mobile in real and 3d way I am going to tell you how.

Friends, now the favourite games of all youths are cricket, but you can play such games live very easily, that is, many people watch it on mobile in many ways, and in many ways, you download and play cricket games, but if it is an application that plays like that, you want animation in many ways. But if it is not real then you can play cricket in many different ways on your mobile through an application that I will tell you easily through the characters that are live for free. Friends you can play real stick cricket very easily through this application it is very useful for us and how easy you can also play live cricket through your mobile phone very easily through this application friends you can play live cricket in this way you can play live match But come and in this you will have many tips for scoring in many different ways. Similarly, you can download this application and you can insert the characters you like very easily. You can easily set how their face should be and how they should play, their dress should belong to which team, but you can easily set the gameplay of this, but see below for full details.

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends, as soon as you click on the above download link, you will be redirected to another page and from there you will be reloaded after 15 seconds and you will be redirected to the application through which you will be connected to Play store and from there you will see the application. But the installation is done, I am going to tell you the steps to be followed after the application is downloaded

How To Use :-

If it is a friends application, after opening it, it will ask you for some permission, after giving it, it is very easy for you, without asking, you will see their characters. In it, you can give the character you like and the name you like. But it can be changed and you can give them a logo in the same way you can customer the logo you can customer the jersey they wear and the same way they should play when they are playing and how they should leave when the ball is coming or how they should throw the ball if they are friend foot then connect first way and keys are given here and here you are also given 500 plus batting shots in this game if you are pro version hero legend platinum gold like this you have many levels if you are a good cricket player but very easy by this application you are ranked and ranked By playing with friends you can play under real time multiplayer and if you have reality animations then ten years of players game play is also available.

The language can be given in this, they can also select the characters, if they are real to you, the judgment will be given here and the application of this can be set if you like the stadiums, that is, if it is real estate, Sydney and the Wielding plan, wherever the original stages are, if that is the stadium location. You can see in this the stadium location you can create in it and you can set the dimension of it and you can set the application of this in the way where you have placed it and also if you can do it as a director and if you are Indra then how can you move forward and backward push movements. As a stroke, there is no front photo, no advanced back photo, it can be seen in many different ways, and you can set the opposite team of your choice to the India team here.

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends? You too can easily download this application on your mobile phone and play cricket in your mobile phone. If possible, you can also play with a real stick and 3D and share an application link to your friends. You can create a cricket team with 11 people and play the game easily online, you don’t need to log in. Such advertisements can be very easy. You can download the application and add such characters very easily. If you want to give them names and move them, follow our website for more interesting tips like this.

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