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Hello friends how are you friends today our article is that we are using applications in phone very easily in many ways but to open such application in your mobile you click on that application or you search for that application and open it in your apps index but like that Apart from that, if you shake the mobile once or when you shake your mobile up and down, the applications will open.

Download Now :-

App Link

Friends, as soon as you click on the above download link, you will be redirected to another page and from there you will be reloaded after 15 seconds and you will be redirected to the application through which you will be connected to Play store and from there you will see the application. But the installation is done, I am going to tell you the steps to be followed after the application is downloaded

App Details :-

  • Version :- 2.0.5
  • Downloads :- 10000+
  • App Release On :- Apr-5-2020
  • Updated On :- Nov-6-2023

Mobile Best Trick

Friends we are in present situation mobile phones are used by many people in many ways that means present mobile phone is updated in many ways in many different ways but in this no matter how much technology you have updated you still have many more features available to you but in these features you have more and more. I have told you about tips and tricks so far in the articles but I have brought this article to you to tell you new tips but today what is the new trick that is we open the applications in our mobile normally but what is the new application that came in that means we just shock the mobile phone All you need to do is to open the application, you can add the application you like to it.

That is, you can set it so that if you give a shock, WhatsApp will open, and if you give a shock to the mobile, or, another application will open. For that, you need to open an application. But given below you can install the application very easily and this application is very easy available on Play store which is very safe for you and there are no third party links.

How To Use :-

Friends, after downloading the application, open it, immediately it will ask you for some permissions, by giving them, this application will open very easily, through which you will have two shock options, that is, if you shock in one way, one application will open and if you shock in another way.

You can have a different application open and you can insert only one or two applications in it, that is, one application that you put in will open on one shake and the other will open on another shake, so you can use the shake trick very easily.

Mobile Shortcut Trick In 2024

Friends, if you open the settings there, you will have many types of permissions to run this application, through which you can easily turn on and set those permissions.

Conclusion :-

Friends, you can also easily download this application through your mobile as I have shown and if you just shake it, you can control your mobile with the apps. You can do it ok friends follow our website for more interesting tricks like this and share these tips with your friends also they will know

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