How To Edit YouTube Thumbnails On Mobile | How To Create Thumbnails On YouTube In Telugu | By Anil

Hi friends how are you friends today in this article let’s see how to edit youtube thumbnails via our mobile phone
  Friends you can edit Thumbnails in Photoshop the same way you can edit on your mobile phone. You really need to have some knowledge if you want to do editing I mean now how to take the background what color matches the background should be used Images like this should be something you need to know a little bit in changing the color combination
  Friends can similarly utilize the application that you need to download an app
   If you want to download this application, you can download it by clicking on the download link. The application will be downloaded
    Similarly, after you download the application, open it and you will see many tools coming up
  It is enough if you learn some of these tools. Some of the tools are not clear to you in today’s article.
I will give the video link below. If you click on the video link and see how I used the pixellab App, you will have it.

 How To Use Pixellab :- 

Then after watching the video you will know how to use it fully on the pixellab application
  Friends Similarly, there are 2 types of apps in this pixellab.
  If we download any application first and only download it through the Play Store, the ads will keep coming
 All as well as some of the applications for us some settings will not open if the Play Store applications
  Also if you use pixellab app mod apk it will open all kinds of tools for us
  Below that link you can download the Play Store Application Application

Download Links 

 Pixellab :- DOWNLOAD 
 Pixellab Free Version :- DOWNLOAD 

  The last thing you need to do after downloading the application is add it in Telugu English
  If you download the Modi peek I did on the road there will be over a thousand of our fonts though English words
  However, you can add a phone and edit your conversation accordingly
   Friends after you downloaded the app in this way after watching the video related to the app you know how to use an application called
  Now what you do is I will give you more videos on how to edit thumbnails on Youtube. If you watch that video you will know what kind of videos you should do
  When you finally click on that video it will connect to our Youtube Channels as well
  Then the whole editing process is told in that video You can also edit on your mobile phone just like me if you finally watch that video

How To Edit YouTube Thumbnails :- 

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