Snapseed Best Realistic Color Effect Editing | Amazing Photo Editing Lightroom & Snapseed In Telugu

Hi friends, how are you? What’s in the Friends Today article? Did you see the photo above?

 For this you need to download two apps

  The two applications I mentioned are also available for us in the Play Store. The links to these two applications are the ones I am posting below.
Download Application Link :- 

Snapseed  :-   DOWNLOAD
Picsart       :-   DOWNLOAD
 After you download the applications
Editing Process 
Snapseed App Open 
Top To AnyWhere to open a Photo From Gallery 
You need to select the photo you want to edit from your albums.
Click on the Tools option
The brightness as well as the contrast as well as saturation should be set depending on the photo lighting
Click on the Selection tool in Tools and put it on your pace to increase the brightness
Then reduce the background brightness to make it dark
We only use snapseed to light and smooth our photo
Clicking on Done will save the photo in the gallery
Open the lightroom app
Once opened you need to import the photo saved in snapseed
There are so many types of tools under us that we should not change them all
We can adjust our background color in the Colors option
You have to change it depending on your photo though
How it should be set to green if it is green and green if it is yellow
In the photo I have, you can enlarge the dark color from green to dark brown
You can also adjust and save your photo change

Friends you can easily edit and I made a video on youtube along with this article you can watch from there
Video Link :-

Also you can watch the video and edit your photo and also read the article and edit …

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