Snapseed Full Editing Tutorial

Snapseed Full Tutorial

Snapseed is one of the most popular photo editing apps on both Android smartphones & iPhone because it is easy to use and also offers lots of powerful editing tools.Google bought this few years ago and updated with lots of stuff to make it light weight ,easy & finest photo editing by making it suitable for both complete beginners and experienced users.It offers various tools and filters including Headling,Brush,Structure,HDR,Perspective,Glamour Glow, Exposure,color sharpness etc. it also support RAW photos for pro editing. The one-touch enhancement tools, slider options make the editing simple. The app features the option to save the personal edit settings which can be auto-applied when needed.Overall its one the rare and best app with almost all pro features and is completely free for use.

Snapseed is among the best mobile photo editor apps around. Google purchased the company responsible for making snapseed back in 2012. Since then its popularity has continued to increase. It is know as for its simplicity and abundant features set. The app is also free,so you might as well give it a go.The only trick part is learning how to use snapseed which this post is all about.

Modern smartphones can take stunning photos but any photographer well tell you taking a shot only half the battle. Editing is a fundamental part of the photography process, as it can turn good shots into stunning imagery.

share and save your favorite looks perfect any photo fast using tools and filters Tune any effect with precision

Snapseed users can edit pictures using swiping gestures to select different effects and anhancements.Alternatively,users can opt for an “automatic” adjustment of color and contrast. Snapseed can  save users editing history and redirect to any of the action before. it can also create and save filters combinations by using the default filters and editing features. The list of special effects and filters includes drama,Graunge Vintage centre focus frames and a tilt-shift users can import the image to as well for the better quality edits.

first step also app download to open  and open symbol click to select image tools option click to tune image also image brightness and cotrast also extra tune in image and next details also image details image mb extra curves also image 3d shape to using curves and crop also image crop to adjust frame rotate this image left or right or down or top image rotating and image also old movies to black adn white shining image to selective also skin smoothen and pimples clear to selective to and brush using glamour glow to skin very smoothen and beautiful also double explosure to open to image to transperence to and other image to connect first image also background changer option this app is very easy to imaeg  editing also background to image changes and using a snapseed to best app also other post view to alight motion and etc apps to editing this app is very best editing.

App Details

Raw develop– open to tweak raw dng files save or non-destructively or export as jpg

Tune image– adjust exposure and color automatically or manually with fine,precise control

Details– magically brings out surface structures in images

Crop– crop to standard sizes or freely

Rotate– rotate by 90degrees or straighten a skewed horizon

Perspective– fix skewed lines and perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings

White Balance– adjust teh colors so that the image looks more natural

Brush-selectively retouch exposure saturation brightness or warmth

Vignette– add a soft darkness around the corners like a beautiful wide aperture would do

Text–   add both stylized or plain text

Curves– have precise controlsover the brightness levels in your photos

Expand–   increase the size of you canvas and fill up the new space in smart wayswithcontent of your image

Lens Blur–  add a beautiful Bokeh to image 

Glamour Glow– add a fine glow to images,great for fashion or protraits

Tonal Contrast – Boost details selectivity in the shadow midtones and highlights

HDR scape – brings a stunning look to your images by creating the effect of multiple exposure

Drama–  adda a hint of doomsday to your images

Grunge-an edgy look with strong styles and textures overlays

Grainy Film– get modern films looks with realistick grain

Vintage-the style of color film photo from the 50’s,60’s or 70’s

Retrolux-go retro with light leaks, scratches,film styles

Noir– Black and white films looks and with realistick grain and the wash  effect 

Black & white – clasiic black and white look straight out of the dark room

Frames-add a frames with adjustable size

Double exposure – blend two photos choosing from blend modes that are inspired.

Facepose– Correct the pose of protraits based on three dimensional models.

and image editing complete to export option click to share and save and export and export as

also share to image friends share 

save option device to save to gallery

export as snapseed app to save

and this snapseed app is rating with 4star also best app to comments and easy editing to images 

app updated on      14nth aprill 2020

installs members     1000,000,000 + 

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