How To Make Photography Signature Logo

 How To Make Photography Signature Logo

Hello hi friends how are you

Friends, today our topic is how to make a logo with your name on it

First open the Pixel Lab as friends. If the image size is in it, put the YouTube thumbnail size in it.

I like the link below the font you like. Download that font and put it in the name you gave me Change the background color of your box Give me what you like Background color I’m going black for a while

Zoom 160 degrees Click on the plus sign above the next choice of friends, click on the link I gave below in your gallery Camera Link Camera Image Remove that camera image and set it as a small camera above your name

Then take the new text, type the name photography and put that name under your name. Take the font Gautam Bold.

If you want to save the image, click Save and place the ultrasound near the hd to save the image and your logo is ready.

You can always take any video in the KINEMASTER app you use and put your logo on that video and that’s it Friends Today Topic

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Video Link:-  DOWNLOAD

Camera PNG Download Link :- DOWNLOAD

Pixel Lab Download Link:- DOWNLOAD

Font Link:- DOWNLOAD

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