VSCO app Full Tutorial

 VSCO  Editing app Full Tutorial

VSCO is not only one of the best photo editing apps but it also a photo sharing app.

VSCO in one of the best iPhone photography apps and features an excellent 3-in-1 camera social sharing and VSCO has a dedicated.

community of photograohers unlike instagram where you can find all sorts of people.

At first glance you immediately appreciate VSCO intuitive design-the main menu is clean and straight forward and tools are designed with the sample easy -to -under stand icons.

Its main features are:- 

VSCO camera features are impressive. VSCO  also has an advanced camera app built in which can shoot manually as well. 

You can adjust focus and exposure,switch between 3flsh modes,enbled gridline for a balanced composition and choose interface color VSCO also comes with a built in camera.

that you can manually set up and utilize with features such as shutter speed iSO, white balance and manual focus.

As photography app VSCO offers two methods appliying presets or using manual adjustment tools VSCO has a total of 10 presets that left you quickly and easily adjust your photo you can even edit your photos so that they take on an old film appearance which includes color and exposure editing.

But if your e into serious editing you can use the manual adjustment tools. The adjustment tool includes but not limites to crop exposure clarity contrast sharpen starighten saturation and shadow save.

VSCO This application appears in a very simple and light design which will make you be able to use it directly. The user interface also makes you understand how this app works at a glance. It also provides many languages inside if you are a non native English. Moreover it provides more than ten languages and still developed untill today.

One of the most important aspects is the access to instagram.The access however can make you get betetr attention from the worldwide.More than just instagram this app also supports to many social meadia apps like twitter and facebook how ever you cant work with your flickr account.out of the weakness this photo-app has a gif are called DSCO.


It has simple design

You can easily connect it to instagram one of the most popular applicaitons 

The app has many filters to supports your master pieces 

It provides a GIF app called VSCO

It is suitable for many users by providing many languages inside.


Some features are malfunction sometimes.

The filters are considered quite expensive.

use this app:-

Once you open the interface part of it you will see some understandable parts provided inside.You will see there are six options from bottom to top Camera library,store,settings,journal,and VSCO grid.Choose camera if you want to start working with those pictures.The libraryoption is available if you want to review the photos you have been collected so far.

This is the gallery of theapp.The option is availble also edit Giving flags for example and directly share your pictures There are ten free filters where you can use edit photos and they are more than just fascinating.

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